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We take pride in offering customized tax services that made us the most trusted platform for our customers. iTaxMasters is a blend of personal service and expertise. For the business owners, executives and independent professional iTaxMasters has got a range of services. iTaxMastersWeb is designed to become a helpful resource tool for you. We value our clients and all visitors and try to help them at all costs. This is our dedication to the superior clients that today we are here on the internet as we venture to continue to provide the highest quality guidance and professional service.

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iTaxMasters services encircle nearly all aspects of financial life. We are experts in all matters, especially when it comes to taxation, business formation, Audit resolution, and financial planning. Our services are customized to fit your needs. We assist and help Gas station owners to stay in compliance. To reduce tax liabilities and to improve their cash flow with strategic tax reduction strategies, planning, and honest financial report. iTaxMasters helps individuals, self-employed, and small business owner to pay the least tax and help them in obtaining maximum tax refund with proper claiming tax deductions and credits.

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Choosing the right tax professional for your business and individual financial needs are very hard. We understand the difficulty as it is one of the most critical decisions regarding the individual’s business. To look for the right tax professional, you need a knowledgeable, personel, accessible, and reliable Tax professional and a commitment to integrity. iTaxMasters is committed to providing their customers with all the outstanding services by adhering to three underlying principles. Professionalism, responsiveness, and quality are our top priorities. Each of our clients receives close personal and professional attention. We have 48-hours response time policy and always make sure to answer all questions promptly.

About Us

Sovanny Mey, CPA and EA, is the founder of iTaxMasters. A walking example of the American dream come to life, Sovanny immigrated to the U.S. without knowing a single word of English and humbly entered the workforce as a factory worker at an electronic manufacturing company and has worked as a waitress. While in a meeting with a CPA to have her income tax return prepared and filed, Sovanny had questions the CPA refused to take the time to answer. Understanding that people needed help with all kinds of taxes, Sovanny realized this would be an exciting business opportunity and began working towards her goal of obtaining her CPA license and opening her own tax practice. This career combines her two passions: helping people and understanding taxes.

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